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SCA Hygiene Products Ltd

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STOC- Tork Long-Last. Cleaning Cloth White


White, 1-ply cloth 90 sheets x 5 packs = 350 per case Unfolded Length 42.8 cm Unfolded Width 35.5 cm The Tork Long-Lasting Cleaning Cloth is highly absorbent and very durable, which makes it perfect for repeated use without tearing. This cloth can be used in the Tork Folded Wiper/Cloth Dispenser that protects the refills from dirt and offers an one-at-a time dispensing to reduce consump...


STOC- Tork Luxury Soft Foam Soap (Cosmetic) 6x1L Prem


The moisturising formula leaves hands feeling soft and pampered The unique, sophisticated fragrance will delight your guests Quick-and-easy refilling proven with easy-to-use certification by the Swedish Rheumatism Association The sealed bottle with single-use pump secures good hygiene and reduces the risk of cross-contamination The bottle collapses as the contents are used, reducing waste ...


STOC- Tork Wiping Combi Roll White


Tork Wiping Paper, White 1-ply paper, 2 Rolls per case Roll Length 460 m Roll Width 24.5 cm Roll Diameter 25 cm Number of Sheets 1150 Sheet Length 40 cm The 1-ply multi-purpose Tork Wiping Paper is ideal for light wiping tasks and hand wiping. This paper can be used in either the Tork Floor or Wall Stand dispensers, which are developed for safety, efficiency and reliability or the Tork M...


STOC-Tork Grey Dinner Napkin


Tork Dinner Napkins Soft Grey 2 ply 4 Fold Benefits: • High quality and absorbent • Perfect size for dinner • A wide range of classic and modern colours • Food contact approved


STOC - Tork Bordeaux Red Dinner Napkin 8F


• 2 ply • 39x39 cm • 12 packs of 150 napkins Benefits: • High quality and absorbent • Perfect size for dinner • A wide range of classic and modern colors • Food contact approved


STOC - Tork Citrus Air Freshener Spray



STOC - Tork Mixed Pack Air Freshener Spray



STOC - Tork Wall Stand Couch Roll Dispenser C1


A hygienic space saving dispenser in white metal. Protects the roll and enables easy tear off. For wall mounting. Maximum roll witdh 50 cm. Easy to use: less waste


Tork Cleaning Cloth White


Improved durability and abrasion resistance for Tork Cleaning Cloth (510) - Optimised sheet size for W4 - Compressed W4 folded packs to reduce storage space and environmental impact during transportation Case Size 5 x 130 Sheet size 35.5 x 42.8


Tork Hand Towel Roll for Manual Disp.19.5cm Adv


Tork ( Lotus ) Next turn White • 160m in length x 19.5cm in width • 2 ply • For Manual H14 Dispenser Benefits: • High capacity span: less maintenance • One towel at-a-time: reduced consumption and increased hygiene • Decor embossing with Lotus flower: designed to make a great impression


Tork Natural XPN Extra Soft Dispenser Nap N4


Tork Natural Lunch Napkins are ideal in environments where light meals or snacks are served. Xpressnap for N •100% recycled fibres show that you care for the environment •Pre-printed with the claim "100% recycled" to enhance the environmental message of the napkin •Pre-folded napkins save valuable time during preparation of service •Engage with guests through custom print - 75% of n...