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Fire - Citrasilk 1 x 5 Ltrs


Mild Food Friendly Citric based Descaler What is it? Descaler. Where do you use it? for food related equipment and elements. Additional Features: Especially effective in dishwasher machines. Regularity of Usage: Before lime scale build up effects efficiency of dishwasher of other equipment. Effective Usage Amount per spray bottle: 50ml. Dilution Rate 5:1


neodisher special plus 1x5L (Descaler)


• Descaler for dishwashers & water heaters • Liquid concentrate with excellent soil carrying ability, is odourless and low-foam • Reliably removes even stubborn lime deposits and enclosed dirt particles in dishwashers and water heaters


STOC-Taski R8 6x750ml (Kettle descaler)



STOC - Suma Scale D5.2 2x5L


• Acidic cleaner for the removal of limescale • Brightens dull metal surfaces by removing oxide film • Safer in use due to non-corrosive formulation


STOC - Thomil DW20 4x4L (Acidic Descaler)


• Acid Based Descaling Cleaner • Acid-based detergent for cleaning of painted surfaces, scale deposits, pool wall and bottom, as well as industrial dirt of proteinic and mineral origin. • Does not harm surfaces, even the most delicate ones like stainless steel, fibreglass or carbon, porous or artificial stone, aluminium, plastics, etc. • Indoors or outdoors. • 4L Container • Box of 4 un...


STOC - TM No7 Odour Neutraliser 4x1L


SCENTED ODOUR ELIMINATOR Odour eliminator acting in the air, on textiles or on surfaces using state-of-the-art technology to neutralize the smell of cigarettes, garbage, food, shoes or sweat, leaving a clean and fresh aroma.


Thomil Kony Ultra Bac Lemon 2x4L (Washing Up Liquid)


ULTRA-CONCENTRATED SANITIZING WASHING UP LIQUID Neutral pH dishwashing liquid. Deeply cleans and degreases dishes, glassware, cutlery, cooking utensils and washable cold surfaces, while removing grease and dirt from both processed and raw food. It provides a safe, fast and deep cleaning and hygiene. Can be used pure pouring directly on the sponge scourer or diluted to clean and sanitize by s...


Thomil Zero Descaler x 4.5 Kgs


Surface & Duct lime softner and descaler. Highly concentrated acid based cleaner-descaler for removing lime and rust particles and all types of scales in dishwashers, coffee makers, textile washing machines, machinery and pipelines. 5kg = 10 machines of 20 ltrs