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Fire - Citrasilk 1 x 5 Ltrs


Mild Food Friendly Citric based Descaler What is it? Descaler. Where do you use it? for food related equipment and elements. Additional Features: Especially effective in dishwasher machines. Regularity of Usage: Before lime scale build up effects efficiency of dishwasher of other equipment. Effective Usage Amount per spray bottle: 50ml. Dilution Rate 5:1


neodisher special plus 1x5L (Descaler)


• Descaler for dishwashers & water heaters • Liquid concentrate with excellent soil carrying ability, is odourless and low-foam • Reliably removes even stubborn lime deposits and enclosed dirt particles in dishwashers and water heaters


STOC-Taski R8 6x750ml (Kettle descaler)



STOC - Suma Scale D5.2 2x5L


• Acidic cleaner for the removal of limescale • Brightens dull metal surfaces by removing oxide film • Safer in use due to non-corrosive formulation


STOC - Thomil DW20 4x4L (Acidic Descaler)


• Acid Based Descaling Cleaner • Acid-based detergent for cleaning of painted surfaces, scale deposits, pool wall and bottom, as well as industrial dirt of proteinic and mineral origin. • Does not harm surfaces, even the most delicate ones like stainless steel, fibreglass or carbon, porous or artificial stone, aluminium, plastics, etc. • Indoors or outdoors. • 4L Container • Box of 4 un...


STOC - TM No7 Odour Neutraliser 4x1L


•Scented Odour Eliminator •Odour eliminator acting in the air, on textiles or on surfaces using state-of-the-art technology to neutralise the smell of cigarettes, garbage, food, shoes and sweat. •Leaves a clean and fresh aroma. •Diluted using a Dry Dose Thomilmagic Dispenser for bottles •1L Bottle •Box of 4 units


Thomil Kony Ultra Bac Lemon 2x4L (Washing Up Liquid)


•Ultra-Concentrated Sanitising Washing-Up Liquid •Completely neutral pH.Contains 24% of active ingredient delivering outstanding performance •Deeply cleans and degreases dishes, glassware, cutlery, cooking utensils and washable cold surfaces. •It provides a safe, fast and deep cleaning and sanitatisation. •Can be used pure pouring directly on the sponge scourer or diluted to clean and sani...


Thomil Zero Descaler x 4.5 Kgs


•Machine,surface & pipeduct lime descaler. •Highly concentrated acid based cleaner-descaler for removing lime and rust particles and all types of scales in dishwashers, coffee makers, textile washing machines, machinery and pipelines. •Excellent crockery reconditioner by soaking 5kg = 10 machines of 20 ltrs