Hard Surface Cleaner

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Little Genie 1x5L (Cleaner & Disinfectant)


Bathroom Cleaner - can also be used as a general cleaner What is it? Surface cleaner and disinfectant Where do you use it? Sinks, baths, tiles and toilets Additional Features: Surfactant for removing body fats also light air freshener. Regularity of Usage: Daily Effective Usage Amount per spray bottle: 150ml


Selden Bath & Tile 6x750ml



Soluclean Washroom Cleaner (1 Pack)


• 10 sachets per pack • Formulated for cleaning all washable surfaces in the bathroom or washroom • Safe to use on stainless steel • Effectively removes body fat, soap scum and general soiling from all washable surfaces (toilets, urinals showers, basins and fittings) and prevents the build up of limescale leaving your bathroom or washroom fresh and clean • Dilution Ratio - 1 sachet = 750 mls


Thomil Sanyos(Bathroom Cleaner Descaler)12 x 750mls


•Anti-limescale General Bathroom Cleaner •Contains organic acids that enhances its clean power yet does not damage marble or granite surfaces. •Its trigger sprayer forms a foam enabling the product to stick to vertical surfaces. •Easily removes soap scum, limescale and rust from baths, showers, glazed tiles, toilets, sinks and bathroom fittings, without damaging them. •Floral Fragrance •75...


ThomilMagic SMP No5 - Bathroom Cleaner Descaler 1.8L x2


•Concentrated Bathroom Cleaner Descaler. •Especially formulated for the thorough cleaning of toilets, tiles, bathtubs, showers and all bathroom washable surfaces. •Removes easily soap scum, limescale and rust. •Sanitising effect. •Floral Fragrance. •Diluted using two independent Venturi systems for filling spray bottles & mop buckets into one single dosing pump. •Diluted using Thomilmag...


TM No5 Bathroom Cleaner Descaler 4x1L


Concentrated Bathroom Cleaner Descaler. A pleasantly scented product, specially formulated for thorough cleaning of toilets, tiles, bathtubs, faucets and all bathroom washable surfaces, with disinfecting and anti-scale properties that easily removes rust and soap stains. •Especially formulated for the thorough cleaning of toilets, tiles, bathtubs, showers and all bathroom washable surface...