Industrial Hand Cleansers

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DB Galtec Dextra Orange Hand Cleaner 4x5L


Dextra Orange is a pleasant, citrus scented hand cleanser which does not contain solvents. It has been carefully formulated with non abrasive 'polyscrub' granules to remove oil, grease and most types of soiling. The incorporation of GLYCERINE ensures additional skin care. Dextra Orange is suitable for use in the agricultural, construction, motor and industrial sectors.


Deb GrittyFoam 4x3.25L


• Heavy Duty Hand Cleanser. • 3250ml per bottle x 4 bottles per case. • Compatible with Deb GrittyFOAM Dispenser. • A unique, heavy duty foaming hand cleanser with suspended bio-scrubbers. • Rich creamy foam spreads rapidly over the hands, emulsifies soilings and rinses away quickly, which means less time, water and associated energy are required for a complete hand wash.


Deb Lotion WASH 4 x 2 Litre


• Light duty hand cleanser. • 2000ml per bottle x 4 bottles per case. • Compatible with Deb Cleanse Light 2000 Dispenser. • Lightly perfumed lotion hand cleanser for regular use to remove general dirt and grime. • For use in light industrial environments. • Ecolabel certified. • Contains glycerine to help prevent skin dryness. • Rinses easily from the skin, leaving no soapy residue.


Gojo Natural Scrub Hand Cleaner 4x2L (PRO TDX)


Replacement for Gojo Multi-Green Hand Cleanser 2 Ltr x 4 • Multi-purpose Hand Cleaner • 2000ml per bottle x 4 bottles per case. • Compatible with GOJO PRO 2000 Dispenser. • For removing light to medium industrial soils and dirt. • Contains ingredients of a natural origin with non-abrading scrubbing particles.


Gojo Supro Max Hand Cleaner 4x2L (PRO TDX)


• Fast and effective hand cleaner. • 2000ml per bottle x 4 bottles per case. • Compatible with GOJO PRO 2000 Dispenser. • Removes tough or sticky soils, such as ink, tar, oil and grease. • Unique blend of cleaners and gentle scrubbers. • Ideal for plant-wide use, body shops or wherever difficult soils are found. • Apply to dry hands, then rinse. • Non-drying formula. • Contains ...


STOC- DB Dextra Gold Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner 4x4L



STOC- Tork Oil and Grease Liquid Soap 6x1L Prem


To remove dirt, oil and grease, Tork Oil and Grease Liquid Soap is formulated with a fat-dissolving ingredient that’s highly effective, yet gentle on the skin. The soap is perfume- and colour-free which reduces allergic reactions. Suitable for Tork Liquid & Spray Soap Dispensers, which are easy to use and provide good hand hygiene to all users. Extra strong – The formula cuts grease and mois...


STOC - Gojo Olive Scrub Hand Cleaner 4x2L (PRO TDX)


4 X 2L per case With an olive scent and natural plant based scrubbing particles, the GOJO Olive Scrub Hand Cleaner has been formulated for maximum cleaning power on a variety of soils. Ideal for heavy manufacturing, workshops and garages Contains plant-based scrubbers (olive stones) and mild surfactants 91% biodegradable ingredients Enriched with moisturising glycerin Tested under me...


Swarfega Power 4x4L


• Fast, powerful, versatile hand cleaner