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128 - Persil Tablets Bio 1 x 160


Persil Tablets Bio 1 x 144


Kit Thomilmatic TRIO Laundry Dosing System


TEXTILE WASHING SYSTEM WITH THREE PRODUCTS Complete laundry dosing system with only three liquid products. This system is specially designed for combining a complete enzymatic detergent (ThomilMatic Total), a disinfecting bleach (ThomilMatic OX-5 / ThomilMatic C-4) and a neutralizing softener (ThomilMatic S-6 / ThomilMatic C-Matic). This equipment combines the technological development of pe...


Laundry Trolley W Twin Bag holders


• 2x70 L Rilsan varnished linen trolley with lids • Laundry trolley with bag holder for separate linen collection • Ideal to collect dirty linen in areas with separate linen collection • Bags not included


MasterBox L-PER Oxygen Bleach 1x6Kg


•Ultra concentrated oxygen bleach for washing of textiles in professional laundry machines. •Product containing active oxygen for all types of clothes. •It bleaches and removes stains from laundry even at low temperatures. •Eliminates odours. •Totally soluble in water. •Can be used on white or coloured clothing. •Can be combined with laundry detergents. •To be dosed using Masterbox Dos...


Persil Powder Non-Bio 90 Washes


• Persil Non-Bio Laundry Powder • This is a Zero-P mainwash detergent formulated for use in domestic and on premise laundries • The product is a premium powder suitable for washing all white cotton and polycotton fabrics and colour fast articles • Persil Professional Non Biological should be manually dosed via the dispenser drawer • Weight: 7.65 kg


Persil Tablets Non-Bio x 160 !!


Persil Non-Bio Tablets are the simple cure for dirty washing There’s no need for any measuring and no net required! Just take your tablets (using the easy to open flow wrap for extra convenience) and place them directly into your drawer Tablets are pre-measured they help prevent overdosing and because they are concentrated just two small tablets are enough to deliver brilliant results Tabl...


Red Laundry Dissolvo Bags x 200


• Red Laundry Dissolvable Bags • Designed so contaminated linen can be handled and transported to the laundry without fear of bacterial dispersion and exposure. • The filled bags are loaded directly into the washing machines eliminating the need to open bags in order to sort and/or load the contaminated linen. • During the agitation cycle, the water soluble seam dissolves, releasing the cont...


STOC - 10L Green Magic Drawer With Key


STOC - 10L Green Magic Drawer With Key x1


STOC - 10L Green Magic Drawer Without Key


STOC - 10L Green Magic Drawer Without Key x1


STOC - 22 L Green Plastic Drawer- without key



STOC - 603 CLAX OXY 1x10kg



STOC - JD Oxofoam 1x20L



STOC - MasterBox L-333 Enzymatic Textile Detergent 1 x 5Ltr


•Ultra concentrated enzymatic laundry detergent for use in professional laundry machines. •Neutral pH detergent for textile prewashing and washing at low alkalinity. •MasterBox L-333 incorporates the latest biological technology for laundry washing. •Reinforced with the latest biological technology by means of a new pool of 5 enzymes that quickly degrade all kinds of dirt. •It improves soft...


STOC - Persil Liquid Non-Bio 2x5L


67 washes per 5 ltr


STOC - Thomilmatic A-2 Alkaline Compound 1x25Kg


•Alkaline Compound for Laundry Dosing System •Highly alkaline degreasing detergent for all types of clothing, except delicates. •Sanitizing effect at 67 degrees Celsius and after 10 minutes. •Can be mixed with Thomilmatic N-3 in automatic dosing systems. •90% Biodegradable • 25Kg. Container • 1 unit • 1 kg = 350 kg clothing


STOC - Thomilmatic Activ-CL 1x10kgs


•White clothing active chlorine granules •Prevents the need of traditional bleaches that turn fabric yellow and weakens it. •90% Biodegradable •Recommended for any fabric type except delicates. •For use on white fabrics •Can be mixed with detergent as a reinforcing agent.


STOC - Thomilmatic Activ-OX 1 x 10 Kgs !!


• White and coloured-clothing active oxygen granules. • Granulated bleach, destainer and oxygen disinfectant for white linen and coloured clothes. • Does not splash when handling and 100% of the product is usable. • Increases whites and highlights colours, removing bad odours. • Can be mixed with the detergent as reinforcing agent in washing cycles. Releases active oxygen from 30 degrees C...


STOC - Thomilmatic C-Matic Fabric Sotener 4x4L


•Ultra-concentrated Anti-static Marseille Soap Scented Softener •Ultra-concentrated softener, Marseille soap scented, for all types of fabrics. •Drying temperature and time reduced. •Ironing temperature and time reduced. •Very economical due to its low dose formulation and high energy saving. •Removes scales and bad odours. •4L. Container • Box of 4 units • 1Ltr = 500kg clothing.


STOC - Thomilmatic D-Matic Stain Remover 12x750Ml


•Stain remover pre-treatment for textiles •Very effective in the pre-treatment of difficult, localised and persistent organic or inorganic stains. •Recommended for all textiles except delicates. •Removes grease spots, bitumen and tar. •To be used as a pre-treatment application. •Softens dirt and enhances the subsequent action of detergents. •750ml. Trigger Spray Bottle •Box of 12 units...


STOC - Thomilmatic H-1 Wetting & Degreasing Comp. 1x20Kg


• Wetting and degreasing compound for laundry dosing system •Degreasing-stain remover additive for soak or prewash cycles in automatic dosing systems. •Essential in the prewash of clothes with grease and blood stains. •Provides surfactant boost needed for laundry dose. •90% Biodegradable • 20kg. Container • 1 unit • 1kg = 400kg clothes


STOC - Thomilmatic H-Matic 4x4L


•Moisturising & Degreasing laundry detergent for delicate clothing. •Detergent for very delicate clothing and household such as silk,linen,rayon etc. •Effective in the pre-wash or soak cycle of clothing with blood or grease stains. •Can be used manually or with dosing system. •neutral pH. •Floral fragrance. •4L. Container •Box of 4 units •1Ltr = 200kg clothing


STOC - Thomilmatic Lavande 4x4L


• Long-lasting Scented Fabric Softener •Highly concentrated professional softener that shortens drying and ironing times. •Long lasting perfume after taking out clothes from the washer and dryer. •4L. Container •1L = 500kg of clothes


STOC - Thomilmatic OX-R Rust Remover 4x4L


•Textile, surfaces and water oxide remover •Removes rust stains by both contact or immersion •Can be used for both white or coloured clothing •Can be combined with laundry detergents •4L. Container •Box of 4 units •1Ltr = 100kg clothing


STOC - Thomilmatic Presto Fabric Stiffener 4 x 4 ltr


•Product for starching fabrics,giving stiffness to all types of fabric. •Easy to remove with a quick wash without damaging fabrics •It can be used manually or with dosing systems replacing fabric softener. •Used frequently with table linen 1L = 35kg of clothing


Thomilmatic C-4 Chlorinated Bleach 1x24Kgs


•Chlorinated bleach, destainer & disinfectant for laundry dosing system. •Liquid rinsing additive based on active chlorine. •Totally soluble in water. •Whitens and destains linen, cotton, polyester and acrylic fibres. •Extremely efficient at low temperatures. •Totally soluble in water •90% biodegradable •Do not use above 55 degrees C •For best results use with Thomil laundry detergent...


Thomilmatic Len-Plus 1x8Kg


•Powdered laundry detergent with high bleaching power. •Bleaching detergent suitable for the prewash-wash of bed and bath linen. •Can be combined with degreasers and textile additives. •Highly recommended for hotels and health department. •Effective in all water types and at any temperature. •90% Biodegradable. • 8Kg. Bag • 1 unit • 1kg = 100kg clothing


Thomilmatic N-3 Surfactant 1x20Kg


•Surfactant complete compound for laundry dosing system. •Ultra-concentrated laundry detergent for prewash and wash of clothing with a high content of surfactants. neutral pH •Can be mixed with alkaline agents during the dosing process to improve it's detergency. •Provides a sanitizing effect at 67 degrees Celsius. •20Kg. Container • 1 unit • 1kg = 400kg clothing.


Thomilmatic N-33 Neutral Enzymatic Detergent 1x20Kg


•Neutral enzymatic detergent. •Neutral biological component for prewashing and washing of textiles. •Extra-reinforced with the latest biological technology using a new compound of 5 enzymes; Amylase, Protease, Cellulase, Lipase and Mannanase for the rapid removal of all kinds of dirt and stains. •Neutral pH is gentle on fabrics,resulting in them lasting longer. •Reduces washing times by 3...


Thomilmatic Pre-Bio 1x8Kg


• Powdered laundry detergent with high degreasing power •Recommended for all types of textiles (whites or colours), except delicates. •It's content of enzymes and perborate helps treat grease stained clothing. •Can be combined with degreasers and textile additives. •Ideal for washing clothes with grease, dyes, medicaments or mineral oils. •Effective at any temperature and water hardness....


Thomilmatic S-6 Fabric Softener 1x20Kgs


•Neutralising concentrated scented anti-static fabric softener •Low dose concentrated product. •Totally soluble in water. •Floral Fragrance. •Neutralises alkalinity after wash cycle. •Reduces the appearance of yellow mildew stains on clothes. •Reduces ironing time due to removal of static charge. •Reduces drying time. • 20Kg. Container •1 unit •1Kg = 350kg clothing


Thomilmatic Total Enzymatic Laundry Detergent 1x20L


•Enzymatic complete detergent for all kind of textiles. •Complete laundry detergent for white and coloured clothes, which incorporates the latest biological/enzymatic technology. •Whitens whites and revives colours. •Extends the life of fabrics. •Reduces water consumption by up to 30%. •Reduces electricity consumption by up to 30%. •Reduces washing cycle times by up to 40%. •Reduces wash...


Thomilmatic Total Enzymatic Laundry Detergent 2x4L


•Enzymatic complete detergent for all kind of textiles. •Complete laundry detergent for white and coloured clothes, which incorporates the latest biological/enzymatic technology. •Whitens whites and revives colours. •Extends the life of fabrics. •Reduces water consumption by up to 30%. •Reduces electricity consumption by up to 30%. •Reduces washing cycle times by up to 40%. •Reduces wash...