Paper Hand Towel

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520 - Tork Basic Paper 1 Ply White 1 x 6


Tork Basic Paper 1 Ply 1 x 6 A 1-ply paper for basic wiping tasks. Food contact approved


Blue Z Fold Hand Towel 1 ply H2


• Hand Towel (Z Fold) • Quality grade: Universal 1 ply tissue • Blue tissue • 200 sheets per bundle x 15 bundles per case Benefits: • Soft tissue for pleasant & hygienic hand drying • Rapid, high capacity absorption for complete user satisfaction


Tork Hand Towel Roll for Electr Disp.24.7cm Adv


• 6 rolls x 143 meter • 2 ply Advanced White paper • Compatible with H13 dispenser • The Electronic Dispenser for Tork Hand Towel Rolls provides one-at-a-time dispensing that reduces consumption and improves hygiene. • The Advanced rolls have a high capacity which ensures paper availability, and is ideal for busy washrooms like those in schools and airports. Benefits: • The long ...


Tork Hand Towel Roll for Manual Disp.19.5cm Adv 1 x 6


Tork ( Lotus ) Next turn White • 160m in length x 19.5cm in width • 2 ply • For Manual H14 Dispenser Benefits: • High capacity span: less maintenance • One towel at-a-time: reduced consumption and increased hygiene • Decor embossing with Lotus flower: designed to make a great impression


Tork Xpress Multifold Hand Towel Univ 1 x 20 H2


• H2 Hand Towel (Z Fold) • Quality grade: Universal tissue • White tissue • 237 sheets per bundle x 20 bundles per case Satisfy basic hand drying needs with Universal Tork Xpress Soft Multi-fold Hand Towels that provide an economic value for money. These towels are suitable for the Tork Xpress® Multi-fold Hand Towel Dispenser for medium-traffic washrooms. It fits into small spaces and pro...