Tork Heavy-Duty Wiping Roll Blue

Code: 130070

Price: 57.15 €

Unit: NAR

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• Tork Heavy-Duty Wiping Paper, Blue
• Quality grade: Advanced 2 ply 
• Sheet dimensions: 37cm x 34cm = 1000 sheets per roll
• 340 metres roll length
• Compatible with W1 Dispenser

• The 2-ply multi-purpose Tork Heavy-Duty Wiping Paper is ideal for mopping up liquids and hand drying. 
• This paper can be used in either the Tork Floor or Wall Stand dispensers, which are developed for safety, efficiency and reliability with their easy load and tear-off features and the possibility to take the required paper with only one hand.

• QuickDry paper is stronger when wet and more absorbent, making it more durable for repeated use
• Food contact approved
• High capacity roll: great for large spills and reduces the time you spend replacing the roll
• Tork Easy Handling™ E-handle makes carrying paper roles effortless for the cleaning staff

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