Tork Matic Soft Hand Towel Roll Prem

Code: 290016

Price: 86.57 €

Unit: NAR

Lead TimeNone
• White tissue
• Quality Grade: Premium 2 ply soft tissue with printed lilac laurel leaf pattern
• Roll dimension: 210mm x 100 metres = 408 sheets per roll
• 6 rolls x 408 sheets = 2448 sheets per case
• Compatible with H1 Dispenser. Colours: White or Black

• Single sheet dispensing reduces consumption and cost
• Reduced consumption means reduced maintenance with less towels to store, refill and dispose of 
• High quality towel with good absorption capacity for efficient hand drying that is kind to hands and improves hygiene
• Lilac laurel leaf pattern design to make for a great impression and added assurance
• Tork Easy Handling™ packaging – ergonomically designed so packaging is easy open, flatten and carry away
• Consumption Controlled gives up to 2448 dries per case

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