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Tork Image Foam Soap Dispenser S4

Code: 46001000

Price: 100.13 €

Unit: NAR

Lead TimeNone
• Tork Foam Soap Dispenser (S4)

• Image design
• Metallic/ Black colour
• Stainless Steel
• Size H x W x D (mm) - 289 x 106 x 107

• A modern design with smooth surfaces and clean lines that fits seamlessly in your washroom. 
• Create a great impression that boosts the high-quality image of your facility. 
• Stylish stainless steel with anti finger print coating looks great and stays clean.

• Modern and seamless design – make the right impression
• Easy to clean stainless steel with anti-fingerprint protection/coating - keeps the high class look for a better experience
• Proven Easy to use design by third party certificate - promotes good hand hygiene for all washroom visitors
• Proven Easy to use for the cleaning staff - saving time for refilling

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