Tork Xpress Blue Multifold Hand Towel Univ 1 x 12

Code: 471069

Price: 67.31 €

Unit: NAR

Lead TimeNone
• Blue towel
• Quality grade: Universal 1 ply tissue
• Sheet dimensions: 213mm x 234mm (21.3 cm x 23.4 cm)
• 12 bundles per case x 250 sheets per bundle = 3000 sheets per case
• Compatible with H2 Dispenser. Colours: White or Black

• Good basic functional properties, an economic value-for-money option
• Single sheet dispensing reduces consumption and cost
• Reduced consumption means reduced maintenance with less towels to store, refill and dispose of
• Quality towel with good absorption capacity for efficient hand drying that is kind to hands and improves hygiene

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