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Tork HeavyDuty Cleaning Cloth White

Code: 530178

Price: 106.8 €

Unit: NAR

Lead TimeNone
• White cloth
• Quality grade: 1 ply
• Unfolded sheet dimensions: Width 385mm x Length 428mm = 100 sheets per bundle
• 5 bundles per case x 100 sheets per bundle = 500 sheets per case
• Compatible with W4 Dispenser

• The multi-purpose Tork Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloth is highly absorbent, thick and very durable, withstanding hard scrubbing without falling apart. 
• It works with most solvents and removes oil, grease, water and stubborn spots quickly and effectively, while protecting hands from heat and metal scraps. 
• The cloth fits in the Tork Folded Wiper/Cloth Dispenser that protects refills from dirt and offers one-at-a time dispensing to reduce consumption.

• exelCLEAN™ technology – for a quicker professional cleaning result
• Strong texture for excellent oil and water absorption
• "Tork Easy Handling™ for easier carrying, opening and disposing of packaging"
• The silicone-free cloth ensures that there are no residues on a surface

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